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Chapter 10. Result Sets > Basic Cursor Positioning - Pg. 175

CHAPTER 10 Result Sets As you saw in Chapter 9, when you execute a SELECT statement, the results are re- turned as a java.sql.ResultSet object. You'll use the functionality of the ResultSet object to scroll through the set of results; work with the values returned from the da- tabase; and make inserts, updates, and deletes. In this chapter, we'll start by covering the various data types that can be accessed using JDBC, and then we'll take a practical look at their use while considering the data types available with Oracle. Next, we'll discuss the various ResultSet accessor methods. We'll continue by discussing how to handle database NULL values in Java and spend much of the second half of the chapter discussing scrollable and updateable result sets. Finally, we'll discuss the Oracle pro- prietary extensions to the ResultSet object.