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Chapter 22. java.rmi.server > ServerCloneException - Pg. 506

ActivationID public int hashCode(); } Passed To ActivationDesc.ActivationDesc() , ActivationGroup.{ActivationGroup() , createGroup()} , Acti vationMonitor.inactiveGroup() , ActivationSystem.{activeGroup() , getActivationGroup Desc() , setActivationGroupDesc() , unregisterGroup()} Returned By ActivationDesc.getGroupID() , ActivationGroup.currentGroupID() , ActivationSystem.regis terGroup() ActivationID An ActivationID uniquely identifies an activatable object within the activation system. It also contains an opaque reference to the Activator responsible for activating the object, which it uses when its activate() method is invoked. An ActivationID is generated for an activatable object by registering it using the Activatable.register() method (the stub returned by this method is initialized with the ActivationID ), or by using one of the appropriate Activatable.exportObject() methods. Object ActivationID Serializable