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13. Graphics and Sound > 13.10. Playing a Video Clip

13.10. Playing a Video Clip


You want to display a video file within a Java program.


Use the Java Media Framework (JMF), a standard extension.


Example 13-5 shows a program that displays a movie or other media file named on the command line. JMF is very flexible; this program plays an audio file, supplying a volume control if the media object that you name contains a sound clip instead of a movie. Figure 13-6 shows JMFPlayer displaying a sound file and a movie.

JMFPlayer in action: audio (left), video (right)

Figure 13-6. JMFPlayer in action: audio (left), video (right)

Example 13-5.

import com.darwinsys.util.WindowCloser;

import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.util.*;

 * Demonstrate simple code to play a movie with Java Media Framework.
public class JMFPlayer extends JPanel implements ControllerListener {

    /** The player object */
    Player thePlayer = null;
    /** The parent Frame we are in. */
    JFrame parentFrame = null;
    /** Our contentpane */
    Container cp;
    /** The visual component (if any) */
    Component visualComponent = null;
    /** The default control component (if any) */
    Component controlComponent = null;
    /** The name of this instance's media file. */
    String mediaName;


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