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Chapter 1. Introduction to Agile Java De... > Technologies Used in This Book

Technologies Used in This Book

This book combines various open source technologies, shown in Table 1.1, which were chosen to provide a comprehensive solution for building enterprise applications based on Java. I have also provided alternative open source technologies, and in some cases, commercial technologies, in case you don’t want to implement an end-to-end system using the technologies covered in this book. As I mentioned in the preface, this book is organized so that you can either read it end to end, go to specific chapters only, or skip a chapter if the technology being covered in it doesn’t apply to you (Hibernate, for example).

Table 1.1. Technologies Covered in This Book
Chosen TechnologyCategoryFree/Open Source AlternativesCommercial Alternatives
Spring Framework ( of Control (IoC) Container, Web FrameworkHiveMind and Pico for IoC container; Struts, JavaServer Faces, Tapestry, and others for Web FrameworkNot applicable
Hibernate ( FrameworkEJB, JDO, iBatisOracle’s TopLink
Eclipse SDK (, jEdit, and several othersJetBrain’s IntelliJ, IBM’s WebSphere Studio Application Developer
Ant ( Managementmake, gnumake, nmake, jam, cruise control, mavenMicrosoft nmake, MKS make
JUnit (, Fit.Mercury LoadRunner
HSQLDB ( Java DatabaseMySQL, PostgreSQL, One$DBOracle, Microsoft, Sybase, and more
Apache Tomcat ( Server/Servlet ContainerJetty and several othersBEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere, Caucho Resin, and others
Mozilla Firefox ( BrowserMicrosoft Internet Explorer, OperaNot applicable ( Suite (used for free form diagrams in this book)Koffice (for Linux KDE)Microsoft Office, StarOffice, EasyOffice


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