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Chapter 5. Multimedia-Service Creation O... > APIs Used in This Book - Pg. 70

70 CHAPTER 5 Multimedia-Service Creation Overview protocol-agnostic APIs for media server control. There is currently work in prog- ress to define such an API for Java under [JSR 309]. Next, we briefly describe two of the main Java APIs used for direct media manipulation: MMAPI and JMF. 5.5.1 Mobile Media API MMAPI specifies a multimedia API for the Java Platform, Micro Edition. It is intended to be used in mobile terminals, and allows simple, easy access and con- trol of basic audio and multimedia resources. MMAPI is specified in [JSR 135]. 5.5.2 Java Media Framework JMF is a Java API that extends the Java Platform, Standard Edition, and enables audio, video, and other time-based media to be added to Java applications. It allows programmers to develop Java code to capture, present, store, and process time-based media.