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Chapter 4. JavaServer Faces Technology > What Is a JavaServer Faces Application... - Pg. 74

What Is a JavaServer Faces Application? The following topics are addressed here: "What Is a JavaServer Faces Application?" on page 74 "JavaServer Faces Technology Benefits" on page 75 "Creating a Simple JavaServer Faces Application" on page 77 "Further Information about JavaServer Faces Technology" on page 81 What Is a JavaServer Faces Application? The functionality provided by a JavaServer Faces application is similar to that of any other Java web application. A typical JavaServer Faces application includes the following parts: A set of web pages in which components are laid out A set of tags to add components to the web page A set of backing beans, which are JavaBeans components that define properties and functions for components on a page A web deployment descriptor (web.xml file) Optionally, one or more application configuration resource files, such as a