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Securing ActiveMQ This chapter covers How to use authentication in ActiveMQ How to use authorization in ActiveMQ How to create a custom security plug-in for ActiveMQ Using certificate-based security with ActiveMQ Securing access to the message broker and its destinations is a common concern. For this reason, Active MQ provides a flexible and customizable security model that can be adapted to the security mechanisms used in your environment. Before we begin our discussion about security with Active MQ , a brief review of some basic terms related to security and how they fit into the Active MQ security model is in order. Authentication is the process used to verify the integrity of an entity or a user that's requesting access to a secured resource. Some common forms of authentica- tion include plain-text passwords, one-time password devices, smart cards, or Ker- beros, just to name a few. Active MQ provides simple authentication and JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) authentication, as well as an API for writing custom authentication plug-ins. Upon successful authentication, access to the system is granted, but access to perform operations using the system resources may require specific authorization. 117