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Section A.1. Installing GateIn Portal - Pg. 555

appendix A Getting started with GateIn Portal GateIn Portal is an open source portal server that merges the JB oss Portal and eXo Portal projects. In this appendix, we'll look at how to install GateIn Portal and cre- ate a web portal, the Book Portal. This example will demonstrate how to create a new web portal, create portal pages, add portlets to portal pages, programmatically secure portlet actions, create users and user groups, associate groups to roles, and define permissions for the web portal, its portlets, and portal pages. For more detailed documentation on GateIn Portal, please refer to the GateIn Portal website (http:/ / A.1 Installing GateIn Portal To install GateIn Portal, all you need to do is download the bundle of your choice from the GateIn Portal web- site and unpackage it into an appropriate folder on your system. GateIn Portal comes prepackaged with JB oss AS and Tomcat. In this appendix, we'll use the GateIn- Tomcat bundle to demonstrate how to deploy portlets on GateIn Portal. Figure A.1 shows the top-level directories that you'll see when you unpackage the GateIn-Tomcat bundle. In this fig- ure, the bin directory contains batch files or shell scripts for starting GateIn Portal. The webapps directory is Tom- cat's hot deploy directory where you need to copy your WAR files containing portlets. The gatein directory contains the data that's used internally by GateIn Portal. Figure A.1 The GateIn- Tomcat bundle's directories. The gatein directory contains configuration and portal data used by GateIn Portal. The webapps directory is Tomcat's hot deploy directory, which contains the WAR files. 555