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Chapter 1. Introducing portals and portl... > Getting started with Liferay Portal - Pg. 18

18 C HAPTER 1 Introducing portals and portlets that were made to the configuration or source code to adapt Liferay Portal examples to work on GateIn Portal. 1.6 Getting started with Liferay Portal Regardless of which portal server you're using, the basic steps for creating a portlet and setting it into action are the same: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Install the portal server and portlet container. In most cases, the portlet con- tainer and portal server are packaged together as a single component. Create portal pages, which you can think of as blank web pages with no content. Set up your favorite IDE to create a portlet application project. Write a portlet class that contains the logic to generate the markup fragment. Create portlet configuration files to register the portlet with the portal server. Create a portlet deployment descriptor. Package portlets in a WAR file using a build tool like Ant or Maven. Deploy the portlet WAR file on the portal server. Add portlets to the portal page. In this section, we'll cover steps 1 and 2. You'll see how to install Liferay Portal (Com- munity Edition), and we'll cover some of the basic Liferay Portal features. You'll cre-