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Chapter 6. Creating a productive develop... > Remote builds with TeamCity - Pg. 187

Remote builds with TeamCity <id>stop-container</id> <phase>post-integration-test</phase> <goals> <goal>stop</goal> </goals> </execution> </executions> ... 187 Stop container As you see in the listing, Cargo provides an API that allows you to easily use and config- ure your application server. You can deploy your application into the container and run your tests. This dramatically increases your productivity, and it can be integrated into your continuous build script. Cargo helps to manage containers. In the next section, we'll discuss another inte- gration server called TeamCity, which has several helpful features, particularly for run- ning remote builds. 6.4 Remote builds with TeamCity In section 6.1, I mentioned that you should use the same build scripts locally that you use for the central build, but running builds and tests locally has drawbacks. One major drawback is that the procedure allocates your local desktop to this task--you can't work on other things, or your work is at least delayed until the build is finished.