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Part 3: Data-driven Components

Part 3: Data-driven Components

In this part, we’ll look at the widgets in the framework that consume data, including the GridPanel, DataView, Charts, and TreePanel. Here you’ll learn about the intricacies of the supporting classes, such as the data Store.

Chapter 7 is where we take a detailed look at how the GridPanel works and discuss its supporting classes. This chapter includes an in-depth discussion of the data Store class and how it leverages several supporting classes to control data flow within the framework.

In chapter 8 you’ll add to your newly found knowledge of GridPanels and data Stores and learn to implement the EditorGridPanel. Here you’ll learn how to use the data Writer class, allowing you to create a UI that allows full CRUD capabilities for your users.

Chapter 9 is dedicated to exploring the DataView and its subclass the ListView. In addition to learning about these widgets, you’ll learn how to bind them together with a FormPanel to create a screen with a workflow that can be implemented in any application.

You’ll learn how to visualize data by using the framework’s various charting widgets in chapter 10.

In chapter 11, you’ll learn about displaying hierarchical data with the TreePanel widget. You’ll also learn how to use the TreeEditor class to enable full CRUD against data nodes.

We’ll close this section out by taking a deep look at Buttons, Menus, and Toolbars in chapter 12.

While completing this section, you’ll learn about and experience almost all of the framework’s widgets.


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