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42. Advanced Features of Shared Librarie... > Monitoring the Dynamic Linker: LD_DE...

Monitoring the Dynamic Linker: LD_DEBUG

Sometimes, it is useful to monitor the operation of the dynamic linker in order to know, for example, where it is searching for libraries. We can use the LD_DEBUG environment variable to do this. By setting this variable to one (or more) of a set of standard keywords, we can obtain various kinds of tracing information from the dynamic linker.

If we assign the value help to LD_DEBUG, the dynamic linker displays help information about LD_DEBUG, and the specified command is not executed:

$ LD_DEBUG=help date
Valid options for the LD_DEBUG environment variable are:

  libs       display library search paths
  reloc      display relocation processing
  files      display progress for input file
  symbols    display symbol table processing
  bindings   display information about symbol binding
  versions   display version dependencies
  all        all previous options combined
  statistics display relocation statistics
  unused     determine unused DSOs
  help       display this help message and exit

To direct the debugging output into a file instead of standard output
a filename can be specified using the LD_DEBUG_OUTPUT environment variable.


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