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10. Time > Timezones


Different countries (and sometimes even different regions within a single country) operate on different timezones and DST regimes. Programs that input and output times must take into account the timezone and DST regime of the system on which they are run. Fortunately, all of the details are handled by the C library.

Timezone definitions

Timezone information tends to be both voluminous and volatile. For this reason, rather than encoding it directly into programs or libraries, the system maintains this information in files in standard formats.

These files reside in the directory /usr/share/zoneinfo. Each file in this directory contains information about the timezone regime in a particular country or region. These files are named according to the timezone they describe, so we may find files with names such as EST (US Eastern Standard Time), CET (Central European Time), UTC, Turkey, and Iran. In addition, subdirectories can be used to hierarchically group related timezones. Under a directory such as Pacific, we may find the files Auckland, Port_Moresby, and Galapagos. When we specify a timezone for use by a program, in effect, we are specifying a relative pathname for one of the timezone files in this directory.


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