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A. Epilogue > Generic Setter Guild Supply Ship

Generic Setter Guild Supply Ship

Lisp Dialect

Common Lisp


To modify the value of a variable in Common Lisp, you use setf. However, this command also has an amazing special power: Instead of a variable name, you can pass it a complex Lisp expression that retrieves a value. It can then turn that expression “inside out” and use it to modify that value, rather than simply retrieve it. These types of expressions are called generic setters.

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Many commands besides setf also support generic setters. Using this feature, most types of data structures can get by without any specific “setting” functions of their own.

How It Kills Bugs

When you have a complicated, nested data structure, it’s often easier to understand code that retrieves data from a specific location than it is to understand code that sets a value at the same location. If you want to set a value at a specific location in a complicated structure, you usually need to work backward through the structure to figure out how to change it. But with generic setters, you can let Lisp handle the hard code for you. Having simpler code is a great way to fight bugs.


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