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20. Making Dice of Doom More Fun > Improving the Dice of Doom Reinforcement Rul...

Improving the Dice of Doom Reinforcement Rules

Until now, the number of reinforcements at the end of a player’s turn always equals the number of captured opponent dice, minus one. This reinforcement rule guaranteed that the total number of dice in a game always decreases, so that the game was certain to eventually terminate, and the game tree was always finite in size.

However, since version 2, our game tree has been a lazy tree, so it is perfectly fine if the tree is infinite. Remember that one of the main benefits of lazy evaluation is that you can have data structures that are infinite in size.

Therefore, we are now going to adjust our reinforcement rules to make our game strategically more interesting.

According to our new rules, the number of reinforcement dice will equal the number of tiles in the player’s largest contiguous territory. This adds a lot of strategic depth, because the players must constantly decide whether to risk connecting their territories, or perhaps even to sacrifice smaller, nonviable territories by sending them on suicide missions.


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