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Chapter 23. Deployment > Deploying an Application - Pg. 783

CHAPTER 23 DEPLOYMENT Figure 23-12. A warning shown when there is a binding conflict The configuration that we specified for our SportsStore application conflicts with the binding used for the default web site that is created when IIS is installed. This means that only one of our web sites can operate at any given moment, unless we modify one of the bindings. We care only about a single application in this chapter, so click the Yes button if you see this warning. IIS creates a new application pool for our application but configures it to use .NET version 2. To correct this, click the Application Pools node in the IIS Manager tool, right-click the SportsStore entry, and select Basic Settings from the pop-up menu. Change the .NET Framework version value to .NET version 4, as shown in Figure 23-13. Click the OK button to apply the change to the application pool.