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ALTHOUGH THERE ARE ONLY TWO NAMES on the cover, this book is the result of many people who contributed their time, energy and expertise to the project.

First of all, we want to thank Matt Burnett, who wrote Chapter 14 on Office 365 and Windows Azure. Matt works for Microsoft Consulting Services and has a wealth of experience making SharePoint and Silverlight work with Microsoft’s cloud offerings. We were really glad he agreed to bring his knowledge and expertise to the book.

The technical review team was a cast of SharePoint luminaries, and we were very fortunate and honored to have them. The team members were: Andrew Connell and Ted Pattison, co-founders of Critical Path training; Scott Jamison, CEO of Jornata; Matt Jackson, Director at BlueMetal Architects; and Ed Hild, Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Reston, Virginia. Their perspectives and guidance greatly improved the quality of this book.

We’d also like to thank everyone from Addison-Wesley who contributed to this book, many of whom we never had the opportunity to meet. We’d especially like to thank Joan Murray for the opportunity to write the book, for her constant feedback and encouragement, and for deftly guiding us throughout the publishing process.

Bob German

I want to thank my parents, who wrote more than 35 books, for inspiring me to write and exposing me to the writing process at a young age. I remember proofreading galleys with them as soon as I learned to read.

I also want to thank my teachers: John Campbell, for introducing me to programming as a child, and my many excellent college professors, especially Mark Seiden and the late Anita Goldner. I thank Scott Jamison for my first serious education in SharePoint on a project in 2002 and Ted Pattison for sharing his development wizardry and exposing the magic that makes it all work.

I’m thankful to Paul Stubbs for being a great and experienced coauthor and helping me with this, my first book project, with lots of ongoing technical and writing advice. Also his chapters are great!

Andrew Connell has been a great friend and mentor throughout the project. He gave me the opportunity to write two chapters in his Web Content Management book, which was an extremely valuable experience. He also gave me a huge amount of encouragement and guidance.

Ed Hild was also an invaluable advisor and sounding board. He shared a great deal of helpful experience from his own book writing and was equally helpful in working out technical problems and digging deeply into issues while reviewing the book.

My most heartfelt thanks goes to my wife, Kate Severinsen, who supported and encouraged me throughout the project. She cut me endless slack while I was working nights and weekends on the book, and she reminded me to stop and laugh along the way.

Paul Stubbs

First I want to thank Bob German for being a great coauthor. This may be Bob’s first book, but he was the one that held it all together and went above and beyond to see this book to completion. Bob is going to have a bright future in writing more books, and I look forward to doing more projects with Bob in the future.

I want to thank Matt Burnett for being a good friend to me over the years and listening to all of my crazy ideas. Matt is always ready to help me solve the tough problems that come up when developing SharePoint solutions.

I also want to thank Steve Fox. Steve has been a good friend and was the co-author of my first SharePoint and Silverlight book years ago. Steve has also been a real motivation for me in writing. He is a writing machine, cranking out multiple books a year. This has driven me to try and keep up and finish projects that I never would have even started in the past.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my wife Rosa for allowing me the time required to write yet another book.


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