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8. Integrating PM Tools > Workshop 8.2 Debriefing

Workshop 8.2 Debriefing

In the first part of the workshop, you created an Excel table from an existing Excel file and published it to a SharePoint list. Microsoft Excel automatically created the new SharePoint list and, as you may have noticed, it did not create a Quick Launch shortcut for it.

Next, from the newly created SharePoint list, you added more information, and from Excel, you were able to synchronize the information from SharePoint with the Excel table. Synchronization takes place in Excel, and there is no way to automatically synchronize the information; it has to be manually synchronized by the user from Excel.

Dux Quax: How Can I Best Use Excel and SharePoint Synchronization?

In a project environment, Excel and SharePoint synchronization can be beneficial for budget tracking. Let’s say the PMO in your organization has a master Excel file tracking project expenses throughout the organization. In that file, there is a spreadsheet specific to your project, along with other spreadsheets pertaining to other projects. With synchronization enabled, the spreadsheet can be published as a list in your PMIS, and then anytime a new expense is entered into the Expense list in the PMIS, the PMO will see it on his spreadsheet. Conversely, if the PMO decides to enter new information into the spreadsheet, it will show up on the Expense list in your PMIS.


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