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Topic: Rotation - Pg. 1

Advanced iOS Development Learning Path It is hard to categorize Advanced iOS Development Learning Path without sounding lazy or trite. It is more than all the things that didn't fit in the previous learning paths, or the icing on the cake. Perhaps the best way to think of this learning path is to see it as a collection of techniques you use in order to really exploit iOS. The Beginning and Intermediate learning paths covered mobile development using iOS. Advanced iOS Development Learning Path covers Apple development using iOS. Apple has long prided itself on thinking differently by anticipating user expectations. This philosophy has been baked into iOS. Advanced iOS Development Learning Path gives you the tools to anticipate, and maybe even exceed, your users' expectations. TOPIC: ROTATION Rotation is a funny sort of feature. It doesn't have much to do with functionality, but handling it incorrectly can kill the acceptance of your application in the time it takes to rotate the device 90 degrees. This is especially true for the iPad. Most iPhones and iPod touches are almost unconsciously picked up and held with the Home button at the bottom. iPad users tend to pick up the device any which way. Fortunately, handling rotation is fairly straightforward and in many cases can be addressed automatically. It also has the flexibility needed for custom reorientation and sizing when the automated process doesn't cut it. Learning iPad Programming: A Hands-On Guide to Building iPad Apps with iOS 5, by Kirby Turner and Tom Harrington, Addison- Wesley Professional. o Chapter 18. Supporting Device Rotation [00:50] TOPIC: SPLIT-VIEW AND POPOVER CONTROLLERS Split-view and popover controllers are new members of the collection of view controllers in iOS. They were introduced with the iPad and are 1