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Topic: Cocos2D - Pg. 7

Advanced iOS Development Learning Path 7 TOPIC: COCOS2D Cocos2D is an extremely popular and well regarded framework for game development for iOS devices. Game development seems a little out of place when compared with every other section in any of the iOS Safari Guides. However, considered as an alternative to Core Animation, you might reframe Cocos2D as an "interactive animation" framework. For instance, you could not only show process flow but give the users a way to specify how a process should flow by dragging sprites around and tying them together with other draggable graphics, or gestures. In other words, the goal of the game is user expressiveness, not gathering treasure or collecting points. Wenderlich is a longtime user of Cocos2D and has written extensively about it in his blog. If you are interested in developing games, you will want to read the entire book. However, the first six chapters should be enough to get you started with interactive animation. Learning Cocos2D: A Hands-On Guide to Building iOS Games with