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Topic: Patterns - Pg. 4

4 Intermediate iOS Development Learning Path TOPIC: PATTERNS The "Patterns" section of Beginning iOS Development Learning Path introduced several key patterns, but there are many more. Erik Buck and Donald Yacktman's Cocoa Design Patterns provides thorough descriptions of the major design patterns used with Cocoa. Since the implementation of these patterns is within Objective-C and the Foundation framework, they are available to iOS. The authors divide the book into five parts. The Beginning iOS Development Learning Path covered the first part, and the fifth applies more to Cocoa than to iOS programming so will be ignored. That leaves the fundamental patterns, decoupling patterns, and patterns that hide complexity. Ideally, you would read all the patterns; however, given the importance of the Objective-C Runtime to iOS, the list of recommended patterns has been narrowed down to those that have some bearing on the runtime. This reduces the number of patterns