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Topic: Web Applications - Pg. 6

6 Intermediate iOS Development Learning Path TOPIC: WEB APPLICATIONS When Apple originally brought out the iPhone, there was only one method of programming the device, writing web apps. Web applications remain a viable alternative. The introduction of iOS has not changed that. HTML5, CCS3, and JavaScript can produce some amazing results, and without the low-level concerns involved with iOS programming. Unlike a number of other topics, there is a wealth of video presentations on HTML5, CCS3, JavaScript, and iOS. An extended set of sessions given by Jake Carter over a period of nine weeks provide a good introduction to using these technologies in a mobile environment. Carter builds three separate web apps. The Twitter app makes use of AJAX and JSON, Offline Storage, and Geolocation. The Contacts app uses Offline Storage and Form Types to control which on-screen keyboard is pulled up on the iOS device. The third application is a