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Chapter 13. Push Notification > Tile Notifications - Pg. 468

468 CHAPTER 13 Push Notification FIGURE 13.7 The application icon image can be set via the Application tab on the properties editor, within Visual Studio. Alternatively, the path to the image for the application icon can be modified manually within the WMAppManifest.xml file at the Deployment/App/IconPath element. <IconPath IsRelative="true" IsResource="false">ApplicationIcon.png</IconPath> TIP As you can see in Figure 13.6, it is wise to tailor the application icon so that it displays clearly at a small size when presented in a toast notification. Tile Notifications A tile is a dynamic visual representation of your app that resides on the phone's Start Experience. Each app on the phone can be associated with a single application tile and multiple secondary tiles. Tiles serve as a shortcut to an application. Tile notifications allow the application tile to be modified periodically, using a data driven template model, with a fixed set of data properties. Each property corresponds to a UI element, with each UI element having a fixed position on the tile. A tile notification can be used to communicate information sent from the cloud, such as updates from an email service, a social networking service, or a weather service.