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5. Configuring a BlackBerry Development ... > Installing the BlackBerry WebWorks S... - Pg. 98

98 C HApter 5 C onFiguring A b lACk b erry d evelopment e nvironment For p Hone g Ap Installing the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK As mentioned in Chapter 1, BlackBerry PhoneGap applications are essentially BlackBerry WebWorks applications (a special kind of BlackBerry application) with some extra PhoneGap stuff baked in. To build PhoneGap applications for BlackBerry, you must leverage the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK. The tools consist of a series of command-line tools you use to create, build, and test WebWorks applications. WebWorks Eclipse Plug-In RIM used to distribute an Eclipse plug-in that could be used to build WebWorks applica- tions but announced in 2011 that it would be ending support for the product at the end of the year. So, that's why you're stuck with command-line tools for PhoneGap develop- ment on BlackBerry. To download the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK, point your browser of choice to On the WebWorks page, select the Tools &