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20. Audio, Video, and MediaKit > Recipe: Recording Video - Pg. 184

[self viewDidAppear:NO]; } Get This Recipe's Code To get the code used for this recipe, go to, or if you've downloaded the disk image containing all the sample code from this book, go to the folder for Chapter 20 and open the project for this recipe. Recipe: Recording Video Before you can record video, you must detect whether the device supports camera-based video recording. Checking for an onboard camera, such as those in the first generation and 3G iPhones, is not sufficient. Only the 3GS and newer units provide video-recording capabilities. Perform two checks: first, that a camera is available, and second, that the available capture types includes video. The following method performs those checks: - (BOOL) videoRecordingAvailable { // The source type must be available if (![UIImagePickerController isSourceTypeAvailable: UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera]) return NO;