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Author Biographies

Author Biographies

Mark Wilcox

Mark has been involved in handset development projects for Ericsson, Fujitsu, Nokia, Panasonic and Samsung. He has worked on everything from a GPRS stack, device drivers and a power management server to messaging applications and the code that draws the soft keys. While working as a software architect for Nokia's Multimedia business unit, developing their flagship Nseries products, Mark developed his interest in the multimedia capabilities of Symbian OS. He drew on this experience when co-authoring Multimedia on Symbian OS: Inside the Convergence Device for Symbian Press in 2008. He became interested in the open source development model while working on Linux-based, set-top-box products and has been actively attempting to improve the environment for free and open source software on the Symbian platform ever since. He has successfully ported a number of application and middleware projects to the Symbian platform, both open and closed source.

Mark became an Accredited Symbian Developer and a Forum Nokia Champion in 2007. In 2009, he joined the technical services team at the Symbian Foundation, dedicated to helping developers get the most out of the platform.

Lauri Aalto

Lauri started programming well before the age of 10. For the past 15 years, he has been programming professionally. His projects have included S60 platform development, independent product development, open source middleware, telecommunications operator services, software engineering tools, academic research and teaching. Currently he is a project manager and partner at Boogie Software, working as a 'hired gun' for Nokia. In his work roles, he makes sure he is not stuck in management only but can also keep his hands dirty writing pragmatic production software. Lauri is a Forum Nokia Champion founding member. He holds a degree in mathematics, computer science and software engineering from the University of Oulu.

Will Bamberg

Will joined Symbian in 1997 and worked there for almost six years, for most of that time in the security team as an engineer and then as an architect. He had some involvement in the initial design and deployment of platform security during that time. Between 2003 and 2005, he worked for Nokia in Vancouver, mostly on telephony. Since then he has worked on Symbian OS for an independent contractor in a variety of domains including text, internationalization and graphics.

David Caabeiro

David has been working with Symbian OS since 2002. Before moving into mobile technologies, he spent some years working on different platforms, mainly using C and C++. He currently provides assistance and services to different companies, working on a range of technologies including telephony, networking, multimedia and porting. He can usually be found lurking around Symbian-related discussion boards.

In his spare time, David enjoys music, photography and simply escaping to some remote place in search of peace.

Ivan Litovski

Ivan joined Symbian in 2002, working first in the Java Team and later with the System Libraries, Persistent Data Services and Product Creation Tools teams. Ivan has 11 years of professional experience with Java, embedded software, information security, networking, scalable servers and Internet protocols. He enjoys solving difficult problems and research and development. He has authored several patents and papers in peer-reviewed, international journals. He holds a BSc in electronics and telecommunications from the University of Nis, Serbia and is an Accredited Symbian Developer.

Gábor Morvay

In 1999, after graduating as a mathematics and physics teacher from Eötvös Loránd University of Science and then receiving a BSc in computer science, Gábor joined a consultancy company, where he had the chance to become acquainted with EPOC and was involved in the development of several applications that made it to the ROM of early phones based on Symbian OS. He had several roles starting as a developer and becoming a technical lead and project manager of software projects targeting Symbian OS devices. At Agil Eight, his present company, while remaining a Symbian C++ enthusiast, he has had the opportunity to learn Objective-C and be part of an iPhone application development team. During his career, he has worked in several technological areas, such as networking, security, telephony and image processing. When not working, he can often be found running on Margaret Island in Budapest.

Lucian Piros

Lucian Piros has been working in telecommunications and embedded and mobile computing for over 10 years, after completing a mathematics and computer science degree at Babeş-Bolyai University. He has worked in the Symbian ecosystem since 2006, in the PIM team of Symbian as well as for the Contacts team in Nokia. He provides extensive technical support to Symbian developers worldwide, through SDN/SDN++ forums, and contributed to Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones Volume 3. Lucian became an SDN Ambassador in 2008.

Jo Stichbury

Jo has worked with the Symbian ecosystem for over a decade, for Symbian, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Advansys. She is the author of Symbian OS Explained (2004), co-author of the ASD Primer (2006) and lead author of Games on Symbian OS (2008). Noting a biennial pattern to her publications, she eagerly awaits a commission for publication in 2010, but in the meantime is spending her time working for the Symbian Foundation as leader of the Technical Communications team.

Paul Todd

Paul's first experience with Symbian was the very old Psion LZ64, which he used to interface to surveying instruments where the collected data was exported to Autocad and used to generate maps for quantity surveys. He emigrated to England in the early 1990s, where he did some work on developing quantity-surveying tools until he got involved with the first enterprise synchronization tool for PDAs (ASL Connect).

After a number of years of work on Windows Server and Windows Mobile/CE, he was finally dragged back into the world of Symbian development. Currently, he designs and develops enterprise class software for PIM Data Management (Onebridge) and device management (Afaria) for Sybase. He is an active Forum Nokia champion and contributor of a number of Symbian papers.

Paul's areas of interest include ways that development can be made both faster and more reliable so that end-user products (especially when developed by teams) can provide a better experience out of the box. He is a keen advocate of .NET and co-founder of two startups, and

Gábor Torok

Gábor has been involved in mobile software development since 2000, when he started to contribute to Nokia S60 platform development. He filled many roles, such as software engineer, test and asset manager and software architect, which eventually gave him a good overview of development in this environment.

His instinct to share knowledge with the community inspired him to actively contribute to Symbian discussion forums, which was rewarded by Nokia by electing him as one of the founder members of the Forum Nokia Champion program in 2006. His further contributions were so valuable that he's been re-elected three times since then.

Nevertheless, Gábor is interested in other parts of the mobile industry, too. He started his own blog in 2007 and got lots of positive feedback from people commenting on his articles. He also decided to explore other mobile platforms, such as Android, so that his view is not limited to a single ecosystem, which eventually resulted in his involvement in writing some parts of this book.

Vinod Vijayarajan

Vinod is the Technology Architect of Generic OS Services, a module in S60 that includes P.I.P.S. and Open C/C++. He has been associated with P.I.P.S. since its conception and helped it grow from a fragile, proof-of-concept port to a solid, stable foundation for technologies such as Qt and Python on S60. As lead and architect, he designed and implemented several key components in the libraries, drove releases, ran port-assistance programs, engaged with end users and application developers and helped permeate first-hand knowledge of working with Open Source code, communities and practices in Symbian (now Nokia).

Before he joined Symbian, he was employed by two startups, working on Bluetooth profiles and multimedia frameworks for embedded systems.

When not working, he loves to read, travel and dabble in Python.

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