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1. The Mobile Jungle > Market Statistics

Market Statistics

At this point, you may be tempted to close this book and leave the mobile jungle via a shortcut. However, believe me, the path through the jungle is clearer than you probably think right now.

Let’s analyze some market share information. This will help us to make some decisions about how our work will be done.

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to target. Should we develop for all devices, or only for the iPhone and Android devices? How can we decide how many versions to create?

The mobile world is very different from the desktop world. If we are developing for desktops, we can assume that the market share of the available browsers will be similar worldwide. In the mobile world, this is not the case. Because of commercial agreements and cultural differences, we find very diverse market shares in different regions of the world (U.S. & Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Oceania). For example, Nokia has a huge market share in Europe and Asia, but not in the United States. That’s why we need to define who our targets are. Worldwide users? U.S. users? What about gender and age? Depending on the target demographic, we can define our porting strategy.


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