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CHAPTER 9: Creating Custom Cells with Subclasses 237 oddCell.cellContentLabel.text = cellPhraseContent; oddCell.iconView.image = [UIImage imageNamed:@"planet"]; return oddCell; } The end results in Figure 9­17 are indistinguishable from the cells you created using nib files ­ but this time, the custom cells are constructed entirely in code with not a nib file to be seen. Figure 9­17. The end results Debugging Layers While the UIKit syntax makes working with UIViews reasonably easy, getting layouts right can be fiddly ­ particularly if you're trying to tweak layouts a few pixels at a time. Changing the layout, rerunning the app in the Simulator, altering the layout again, re- running the app ­ that can quickly become a tedious process.