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Building on your knowledge of how to write basic applications, Pro iOS 5 Tools shows how to take your apps from promising to real, and from good to great, by using numerous performance and debugging techniques.

You will start by studying an alpha-stage iOS app and learning how you can use the tools provided in the iOS developer's toolbox, plus popular third-party tools, to take an app to a final product and ready to ship. Your own app development will never be the same again!

  • Learn the tools available to all iOS developers: Xcode, Instruments, network diagnostic tools and version control

  • Techniques for debugging by using Instruments, as well as the new features available in newest version of Xcode

  • Performance tuning techniques and workflow enhancements

What you'll learn

  • How to set up a bare-bones shopping cart app; from creating a new project to using a distributed version control system for setting up the environment

  • How to work your way through an app and tune the user interface for performance

  • How to diagnose and address memory issues, leaks and dealing with intermittent crashes

  • How to deal with networking issues and reliably recreate or simulate these environments

  • How to address multitasking, behind the scenes power drains, and reduce/optimize power usage from the radio and other power draining features in iOS devices

  • How to distribute your app to beta testers, prepare for the App Store and speed up development time by learning shortcuts and other enhancements to developer tools

Who this book is for

This book is for iOS developers looking to fully utilize iOS 5 tools like Xcode, Interface Builder and more, making their apps development faster and more efficient.

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"Rare Solutions" - by brainray on 22-FEB-2012
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Just in short: I was looking for a book that had some knowledge in UIAutomation (testing) and Continuous Integration that reflects the actual possibilties (February 2012). I found it - great one! The other chapters also look promising, but I admit that I have not yet read them thorowly (but I will, I like what I saw).
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