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Take your coding skills to the next level with this extensive guide to Objective-C, the native programming language for developing sophisticated software applications for Mac OS X. Objective-C is a powerful, object-oriented extension of C, making this book the perfect follow–up to Dave Mark's bestselling Learn C on the Mac, Mac OS X Edition. Whether you're an experienced C programmer or you're coming from a different language such as C++ or Java, leading Mac experts Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster show you how to harness the powers of Objective-C in your applications!

  • A complete course on the basics of Objective-C using Apple's free Xcode tools

  • An introduction to object-oriented programming

  • Comprehensive coverage of inheritance, composition, object initialization, categories, protocols, memory management, and organizing source files

  • A brief tour of Cocoa's foundation framework and AppKit

  • A helpful "learning curve" guide for non-C developers

Subscriber Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 rating Based on 4 Ratings

"Learn Objective-C on the Mac" - by The Dude on 11-JAN-2012
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This book is great for someone coming from a Java background who is trying to make heads or tails of the Objective-C syntax.

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"Excellent getting started book" - by Nikkio on 02-APR-2011
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
I found this book a god-send in terms of actually walking me through objective-C.  It doesn't wast time exhaustively covering every Class in Cocoa, instead focuses on the most used features and work flows.  The author is informative, through and actually a little bit funny (in a techie sort of way).  I don't finish many tech books, but I honestly read this one cover to cover since it was so good.  If you are thinking about diving into iPhone/iPad development do yourself a favor and get comfortable with objective-C and Cocoa first with this book.
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"Well worth reading" - by Anonymous on 29-MAR-2010
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
The upside is I found this book to be very well written and approachable. Difficult concepts are well explained with very good code examples that takes you through it step by step.

On the downside I've never read a technical book which had so many typos and that's unforgivable when the core content is so great.

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