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V. Software Development

Part V. Software Development

Chapter 38

Chapter 39

Chapter 40

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

This section features seven articles that will help you with the mechanics of creating Perl programs. The first two articles show how to take code already written in another language and use it from Perl. Brian Ingerson explains his popular Inline module in Using Other Languages from Perl, and Scott Bolte shows how to use the SWIG system for generating XS code in the article of the same name.

In the third article, Benchmarking the oddly typeset brian d foy demonstrates how to measure the speed of snippets of Perl code, and Bob Sidebotham then explains his extraordinary replacement for make in Building Software with Cons.

Randy Ray concludes the section with a triumvirate of software development articles. MakeMaker navigates through the sometimes confusing MakeMaker system for generating Makefiles; Autoloading Perl Code illustrates how you can create a module that loads portions of code on demand instead of all at once; and Debugging and Devel:: tours the various Devel:: modules bundled with the Perl distribution, some of which can help you debug your Perl programs. (For more on debugging, see Perfect Programming in the first section of this book, and Debugging Perl Programs with —D in the last.)


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