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Chapter 23. Wireless Surfing with WAP an... > Generating WML with HTML::Mason - Pg. 207

Figure 23-7. /wap/filelist.wml Generating WML with HTML::Mason Sometimes it is easier to work directly with the WML markup and surround with it pro- gram code. If you'd prefer to mark up WML code with Perl, Mason is a good choice. Mason is a comprehensive site development and delivery engine in pure Perl. Run- ning with mod_perl under Apache, it allows you to create dynamic and modular web sites easily. Incorporating programmatic features into web pages is as simple as importing a module and directly calling its functions from within that page, and component-based development means that you can reuse and consolidate informa- tion that appears within many pages (or decks, in our case). For those who haven't used Mason, you can download and install it from CPAN using the standard perl Makefile.PL , make , make test , and make install commands.