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Perl Power! provides programmers with a learning and reference resource on Perl. All readers will find tutorials that utilize a "learn by doing" approach that they can work from as soon as they get the book home. The tutorials build upon each other throughout the book until a level of expertise is reached. All chapters offer complete programs to demonstrate the topics discussed, with source code available on the book's companion website. These programs are ready to run, and line-by-line commentary in the program and in the book allows programmers to understand the logic and syntax behind them. Additionally, each program is introduced in a way that provides a story about what the program does and what you can use the program to do after learning it. The topics covered begin with how to set up the DzSoft Perl Editor so that you can easily work with Perl programs. Then, through dozens of complete programs, the book explores the primary data categories of Perl: scalars, hashes, arrays, and handles. The topics of later chapters range from using references to working with data structures and incorporating data files into your programs. The final chapter comprehensively reviews regular expressions through a multitude of examples.

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