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Part I: Appendices > AllDatabaseDiagrams Collection - Pg. 741

The Access Object Model AllDatabaseDiagrams Collection The AllDatabaseDiagrams collection contains an Access object for every database diagram in the CurrentData or CodeData object. As it's a collection, it doesn't have properties and methods of its own that we'll cover here. The AllDatabaseDiagrams collection contains one object, the AccessObject. AccessObject The AccessObject refers to a particular Access object within any of the following collections: AllDataAccessPages, AllDatabaseDiagrams, AllForms, AllFunctions, AllMacros, AllModules, AllQueries, AllReports, AllStoredProcedures, AllTables, and AllViews. Properties of the AccessObject The AccessObject has its own properties and methods you can implement within your code. The following table lists the various properties of the AccessObject. Property CurrentView Data Type Description Returns the current view for the specified acCurrentView (acCurrentViewDatasheet,