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6. Project prep: Put all your ducks in a row > Connect with the client - Pg. 74

74 cHAPter 6 : ProJect PreP Connect with the client Now that you've done the internal prep work, it's time to get in front of the client. Hold a kickoff meeting This is the first (and sometimes the only) opportunity for the client to tell their story to the entire internal team. By having everyone in the room together--both internally and client side--we ensure a chance for every person to connect with the client at least once. And this is the perfect opportunity to cultivate a celebra- tory shared experience across the team. Use tHe mAnAgement PlAn start a draft of the management plan (discussed below) to use as an agenda This is all great, because having these exciting moments with one another cre- ates a bond that will translate into collaborative energy later on. The kickoff meeting achieves both practical and emotional goals, both of which are impor- tant. It's amazing how far face-to-face contact goes in establishing a productive, collaborative working relationship.