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Dealing with assumptions > Dealing with assumptions - Pg. 164

164 Managing projects Assumptions should be managed. The following steps provide a straightforward way to manage assumptions: 5 Identify and log the assumption. You must get into the habit of documenting assumptions. A common shared assumptions log visible to and accessible by the whole project team is the best way to do this. 6 Identify the sensitivity of the project to the assumption. What will happen if this assumption is false? 7 Assess the likelihood of the assumption being false. 8 Update the risk register accordingly, and put any risk management activities in place if the assumption has a high impact or high probability of being wrong. 9 Assign an assumption owner ­ responsible for tracking the assumption and alerting the project manager if it changes. 10 Challenge each assumption ­ ensure it is reasonable. Ask yourself questions such as: Do you really have to make an assumption?