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Identifying the skills, roles and organi... > Identifying the skills, roles and or... - Pg. 93

Project initiation 93 Common examples of project organisational structures you may use are: Based on the functions in the project team ­ e.g. engineering, marketing, legal and project management. Based on the deliverables to be created ­ e.g. IT system, business process, organisational units. Based on stakeholder organisation ­ e.g. reflecting the structure of the organisation the project is being run in. Based on geography ­ e.g. North team and South team. Based around the phases if it is a multi-stage project ­ e.g. phase 1 team, phase 2 team, etc. Based around the structure of the project plan. This is usually the best way to organise a project team, as it makes allocating work to teams easiest, and ongoing project management more straightforward. 4 For larger projects with many people working on them organised into separate sub-teams of the overall project team (see also Chapter 11):