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02 Who's responsible for what? > Conclusion - Pg. 59

Who's responsible For What? manage their ambitions for the project, for the same reasons outlined in Example 2. Although there is a significant technology component to the project, the project's purpose is not to implement a system (a series of manual procedures may achieve the same end). It may be sensible to select a manager from the operations or HR department to manage this project. Thus, the project organization structure could be proposed as shown in Figure 2.11. 59 F I g u r E 2.11 The proposed structure for a time management solution Business case Specialist authorities IT manager HR manager Project plan Project steering group Sponsor Head of operations User authority (& user forum chairperson) Head of operations User forum · Finance · HR · Operations · IT · Sales · Marketing etc Work-stream plan Project manager ( from operations or HR) Work-stream plan Work-stream plan Technology work-stream Operations work-stream HR work-stream Conclusion A robust project organization structure such as I have described in this chapter is probably the single most important part of the project's governance that you can use to manage the risks both to the project and to your own professional reputation. Sadly, while it is such a fundamental enabler of the success of your own role, it can be frustratingly far beyond your own authority to implement. Nevertheless, if you agree that it is important, develop and use your