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An Organizing Vision for E-Participation Projects in Africa INTRODUCTION This chapter's contribution is positioned within an information and knowledge society discourse, which rests on the claim that all known societies derive their power, wealth and meaning from their possession of information and knowledge (Ma- zlish, 1993; Castells, 2004) in a new technologi- cal paradigm of informationalism 1 . This network society is characterized by a duality of inclusion and exclusion in which there is selective diffusion of the various Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) which impacts on peoples lo- cal experiences, while globalization structures pro- duction, consumption and power (Castells, 2004). This chapter elevates the role of e-participation (based on an e-government infrastructure) as an organizing metaphor for the development of an e-government vision for the restructuring of the public sector service delivery mechanisms. The Figure 1. E-government deployment