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Chapter 8. The Multi-Vari Analysis: Homi... > Designing, Conducting, and Analyzing...

Designing, Conducting, and Analyzing a Multi-Vari Study: A Roadmap

A number of steps must be undertaken in designing, running, interpreting, and analyzing a multi-vari study. These are summarized as follows:

A. Designing the Multi-Vari Study

  1. Identify the Green Y (the problem to be solved). If the Green Y is an attribute, try to convert it into a variable using a Likert scale.

  2. Make sure that the accuracy of the measuring instrument is at least five times the accuracy of the product (i.e., its allowed tolerances).

  3. Determine the number of families of probable variation.

  4. Draw a family tree.

  5. Estimate the number of time-to-time samples required.

  6. Determine the number of unit-to-unit samples to be drawn consecutively from the process (generally three to five consecutive units).

  7. Determine the number of samples for each subfamily of within-unit families; e.g., the number of locations, machines, cavities, etc.

  8. Multiply the quantities in steps 3, 4, and 5 to determine the total number of units to be studied.

  9. Design a table to facilitate gathering the multi-vari data.


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