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v Contents Preface 01 ix 1 Leadership that inspires The art of leadership 3 The case for vision with organizational values 4 Leadership competencies 6 The science of leadership 9 Different styles of leadership 10 What might people rely on to impose their authority? 14 The differences between a manager and a leader 19 What makes an effective leader? 21 Creating a mission and vision (unleashing the power of purpose) 22 Personal and organizational values 25 Ethics and social responsibility 27 02 Management that engages 32 Introduction 32 Your role and responsibilities as a manager 32 What does it take to create a positive team culture and environment? 34 Emotional intelligence 41 Delegation 44 Summary checklist 47 03 Motivation to energize 50 Introduction 50 Defining motivation 51 What is motivation? 52 The process of motivation 52 What `needs' motivate people? 53 Motivators 57 Motivation application 60 Motivation in practice 61