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05 What is Key Account Management? > The importance of balance - Pg. 32

32 Definitions and Purpose Market opportunity? Of course, but it's not so easy. You are already plunged into the market, already responding to today's demands. Stepping back and viewing the future is not easy, but it is vital. More than that, it is one of the key purposes and one of the most valuable benefits of the KAM approach. the importance of balance Balance is everything. In the real world resources tend to lag behind the market opportunity, while the objectives surge ahead of it. Is that how it is in your business? It is in most, so don't feel too bad about it, but what can be done to improve things? Is it about persuading the bosses to be more free with the cash for resources? Here's an observation that I have found to be true more often than not, and stands in support of those penny-pinching bosses: most businesses have adequate resources for the task, it's just that they don't have them deployed in the right places. While this might support their penny-pinching, it certainly doesn't support their management skills or judgement! Is it about persuading them to relax their `stretch targets'? You will need to be silver-tongued indeed for this one!