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Preface to the fifth edition - Pg. xv

xv PReFACe to tHe FIFtH eDItIon t he very fact that a fifth edition of this book is necessary suggests an important truth about Key Account Management (KAM): it is an evolving task, and not surpisingly given the ever changing nature of markets and customers. Each year that passes also sees a subtly changing range of suppliers that are drawn to KAM as a solution to their challenges. What began in the seventies as a tool of fast moving goods suppliers working with retail customers is now top of the agenda in the world of pharmaceuticals and healthcare. The selection of case studies in this edition aims to match these changes. What used to be a new challenge for many is now an established concept, but the tasks (and challenges) of implementation still remain, and in some cases grow in their complexity. This new edition takes as its focus the issue of practical implementation and the task of `making it happen'.