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Lesson 8. Controlling the Interview > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 49

Controlling the Interview 49 How to react: --Continue to press for behavioral evidence by using follow-up probes. If general responses continue, it sometimes helps to simply say, "But that's not what I asked. Let me restate my question." If after several attempts you still cannot make headway, summarize by saying, "I take it you have no examples you wish to share with us today." If after a few question sets the generalist response continues, consider ending the interview. The Valid Response A valid response to a behavioral question or follow-up probe is a real-life account demonstrating how a candidate responded to a specific situation or task, together with an explanation of the actions taken and the results achieved (STAR). This response allows the interviewer to properly evaluate a candidate's level of competence with the success factor under consideration. How to react: --React by providing verbal and nonverbal support and encouragement. This is the kind of response that provides the information you need. The 30-Second Recap · Maintaining control over the interview is achievable by using a few simple techniques: prepare; remember the 80/20 rule; stay on time; probe in depth; use verbal and nonverbal supportive feedback; allow silence to happen; and, when it's appropriate, move on. · There are nine common interview mistakes, each of which can be easily avoided. · Candidates answer behavioral questions in four ways, each requiring an appropriate response by the interviewer.