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Lesson 12. Critique and Fine Tune - Pg. 70

70 Chapter 12. Critique and Fine Tune In this lesson, you learn the value of constructively critiquing the interviews that you conduct to spot weaknesses and other difficulties that may need to be corrected. Interview Checklist The price of building and maintaining good interviewing skills and techniques is eternal vigilance. After each round of interviews, it helps to take a few minutes to critique the interview process to detect what went right and what may need improvement. Here's a checklist covering each of the major tasks involved in the interview process. Use it to help spot weak areas and to reinforce strengths. Preinterview · A thorough analysis of the vacant position was performed, and mandatory success factors were identified. · The immediate supervisor of the position was asked to describe any special factors that may be required to succeed in the job, including those imposed by the corporate culture. · An interview panel was assembled, consisting of all supervisors to whom the new employee will report, together with a peer or two from the department or unit in which the opening exists. · Panel members met at least once to thoroughly discuss the interview process. · A resumé review tool, such as the Resumé Review Grid, discussed in Lesson 2, "The Resumé," was developed and used as part of the preinterview screening process. · Resumés were screened by more than one person. · Applicants eliminated in the initial screening process were notified in writing. Tip Remember that just because an applicant was eliminated from further consideration for one job doesn't mean you'll never be interested in hiring them. The next opening in your organ- ization may be a perfect match. So take the time to contact each unsuccessful applicant, thanking them for their interest, and encouraging them to apply again (unless, of course, the reason for their elimination is something that will disqualify them from being employed in any capacity with your firm.) · Specific concerns about information contained in resumés (See the section "Red Flags," in Lesson 2) were clearly flagged for further discussion with the candidate. · All candidates selected for further consideration were notified in writing and were asked to com- plete company employment application forms, which included a clause permitting you to contact any and all former employers as well as others with knowledge of the applicant's work history, and a hold harmless agreement permitting all references to release information about the ap- plicant.