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Lesson 5. Interview Models - Pg. 25

25 Chapter 5. Interview Models In this lesson, you learn about the major types of interviews commonly used in the hiring process, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Mutual Exploration The primary purpose of a job interview is mutual exploration. The employer wants to discover more about an applicant's qualifications for a job; the applicant wants to discover more about the employer as well as the opportunity that the employer has to offer. The exploration is a learning process for both parties, each of whom develops understandings and expectations. The employer can use several interview formats. Each, in its own way, fosters mutual exploration. Each format is designed to elicit specific information about a candidate's qualifications for the job while affording the candidate an opportunity to ask pertinent questions of the employer. However, the formats differ significantly in the way they accomplish these goals. As a result, the type and quality of information obtained can vary from format to format. Selecting the right format for an