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Chapter 6 Sample Traditional Résumés > The Military Transition Résumé - Pg. 72

72 UNBEATABLE RÉSUMÉS The Military Transition Résumé Transitioning from the military to the private sector is more difficult to do when unemployment is high and the economy is challenging. As with other types of job candidates, people leaving the military need to be able to communicate to a prospective employer what they can do for that employer better than anyone else. Thanks go to Dan McCall and his company, The Lucas Group, for providing the résumé examples for this section. The Lucas Group Military Division specializes in placing military professionals planning a transition to a corporate career. For transitioning military personnel, it's very important to com- municate your experience in terms that are meaningful to the private employer. There's a tendency for long-term military personnel to describe their work and themselves in military terms rather than civil- ian terms. Remember, the hiring authority wants to know, "What can you do for me, right now! " Your résumé is among hordes of others. It