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19. Singapore > Search Media in Singapore - Pg. 245

Chapter 19 Singapore 245 Search Media in Singapore Google Singapore (see Figure 19.1 ) led the search field in 2011 with 146 million searches and just shy of 73 percent search market share. Google Singapore was followed by Yahoo! with 39 million searches and 11 percent of the search mar- ket share (see Figure 19.2 ). trailed Google and Yahoo!, with 8 million searches and less than half a percent of search market share. The searches con- ducted on Google were the most prolific, with more than 79 searches per single user per month. Table 19.3 shows the percentage of the search market owned by each of the search players in Singapore. Table 19.3 Search Engine Market Share--Singapore Search Engine Percentage of Search Market Google Yahoo! Bing 72.95% 22.66% 4.13%