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11. B2B Online Advertising > Getting to Know the Big Ad Networks - Pg. 172

172 B2 B Di gi tal Marketi ng · Include a call to action-- It should go without saying that if you want a prospect to click your ad, you need to make that clear. Include some sort of call to action, such as a "submit" or "click for more informa- tion" button. Without such a call to action, most readers assume a ban- ner ad is like a billboard, not meant for interaction. · Keep it short-- If you have an animated display ad, keep the animation relatively short. Surveys show that viewers spend less than 10 seconds looking at the top of a web page. You have to display all your content within this time frame, including--and especially--your call to action. Dispense with long animations and get your message out there as quickly as possible. Finally, don't assume that you'll get everything right on the first try. You should always include a period of testing for different display ad approaches. You can test different sizes, placements, content, and the like. Evaluate responses on a regular basis and go with the ads that perform the best. You might be surprised how some- thing small, such as changing the font or background color, can improve an ad's performance.