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11. B2B Online Advertising > The Bottom Line - Pg. 177

Chapter 11 B2 B Online A d v e r t i s i n g 177 · Social media advertising-- Equally important as the mobile Internet trend is the social networking trend. Facebook, Twitter, and the like are major destinations for a large number of web users; advertising to the users of these sites makes increasing sense for most advertisers. Application advertising-- Speaking of the mobile Internet, here's a relatively new form of promotion--developing your own application as an advertising mechanism. This is increasingly common on the iPhone/iPad and Android platforms, where advertisers are building their own customer-focused apps. It's a great way to entice custom- ers to your brand. Going direct-- You don't have to place your ads through an ad net- work; many B2B advertisers prefer to place their ads directly with host websites. Going direct is a good way to cut out the middle man, reduce your advertising costs, and guarantee better placement. It's also popular among the big websites, who can book more of the ad revenue themselves. This trend seems like a win-win for everyone-- except the major ad networks. Nonstandard ads-- In an effort to break out from the typical bland- ness of display advertising, more and more advertisers are requesting · · ·